Dr. Gallant

About Dr. Gallant and his Practice

Dr. Mark Gallant graduated magna cum laude from Life University in 2012. He did his postgraduate work in neurology concurrent with his graduate degree in chiropractic, and he earned his neurology diplomate at the same time as he graduated with his doctorate degree in chiropractic. Dr Gallant has been practicing in Florida for the last five years working at various different offices until he opened his own office in January of 2018. His central location is now able to serve the entire St Petersburg area, and he is proud to be able to provide any therapies that a person may need to recover from their injuries.

Gallant chiropractic accepts major medical insurance and medicare. We also work closely with attorneys, medical doctors, and imaging centers to help people recover and get back to their lives after being in an auto accident.

For our patients who are looking to maintain their health, Gallant chiropractic also can help with nutritional advice for general health, metabolic issues, and we even have access to natural anti-aging supplements.